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“Making teaching more enjoyable and school a fun place to be by helping to keep your staff and students motivated and engaged”

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Supporting students and parents

School teachers will contact me because they are very passionate about seeing ALL of their students succeed to the best of their ability. Often times it is the case that they will have a group of students that have great potential but they are not MOTIVATED to perform. The school may have put resources in place to help the students but they recognise and they have heard that me coming in as an external practitioner, with a unique story, and a transformational approach to coaching young people is much more likely to get results. In some cases turning around even some of the most apathetic young people.

Parents will often contact me because their son or daughter is going through some of the challenges that I have had to face and overcome in my teenage years. The parents are usually prepared to invest in some one to one coaching or mentoring support for their child to help them get onto the straight and narrow.

Supporting staff

Headteachers or senior staff members will contact us because they recognise that if they can create a leadership team in which the staff are aligned, motivated, feeling empowered and clear about the culture that Headteacher wants to create it can improve the whole school culture. The standard of teaching will improve because the increased motivation, clarity and understanding flows down to the rest of the teaching staff. The atmosphere becomes one of hope and positive expectation.

Headteachers ask for coaching for their team because they appreciate the value that I bring from the experience and insight I’ve gained from having worked in or alongside over 60 different schools in the last 2 years, (as governor, coach, speaker, mentor, consultant, workshop facilitator). They appreciate my ability to speak their language and understand their challenges. They value my ability to engage with and challenge staff at every level of leadership, my passion for excellence and my desire to see the best for them and for their students.

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