Transforming the mindsets and attitudes of underachieving 15-19 year olds, taking some of the pressure off teachers, and enabling them to perform at the best of their ability in six weeks or less.


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Using my story and personal experiences to change lives

We all live in a “story” about who we are, how the world works, and what we’re able to do. These stories are very real to us, but they’re made up. We made them up a long time ago as we gave meaning to the events, obstacles and circumstances in our life, especially those that got reinforced time and time again.
I have had to face many obstacles during my journey from being a street gang member to becoming an inspirational professional speaker, author, pastor and coach helping individuals to overcome their obstacles and stop from self destructing.
Some of my life’s experiences have been shared in my first published book ‘From the Post Code to the Globe – How to overcome limitations and realise your potential’
At age 19 someone came into my life and helped me to turn my life around. Now, I’m passionate about speaking to teenagers and young adults and helping them to set goals for their lives, start businesses and make an impact in their communities. 

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