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Divine Alignment:
A 5-Day Christian Leadership and Career Alignment Challenge

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Meet your guide and coach, Errol Lawson!






Renowned author, speaker, and founder, Errol isn't just a coach; he's a visionary leader who empowers Christians to rise above and make a lasting impact.

Experience you can trust: Years in business and ministry, combined with a passion for ethical leadership, equip Errol to guide CEOs, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders like you. His insights have reshaped countless journeys and earned him accolades like "Local Hero" and "West Midlands Leadership Award."

Beyond expertise, empathy: Errol understands the emotional complexities of leadership and creates a safe space for growth, reflection, and authentic success.

Errol's impact speaks for itself:

  • “Errol is the best coach I have ever had.” - Heather Roberts, Aston Manor Academy

  • "Changing behaviours across the organisation." - Miriam Wheeler HMLR,

  • "Developing the next generation of leaders." - Councillor Waseem Zaffar MBE

Discover clarity, confidence, and impact in your leadership journey

Lead from your faith, impact the world.


This 5-Day Christian Leadership and Career Challenge is designed for you.


Over five action-packed days, you'll:

  • Uncover your God-given purpose and core values: Explore how your faith illuminates your unique leadership or career journey.

  • Embrace the transformative power of consecration: Learn to dedicate every aspect of your leadership to serving God and His purposes.

  • Navigate the complexities of leading with Christ-like love: Develop practical tools for balancing faith and effectiveness, tradition and innovation.

  • Build your inner compass for Christ-centered decision-making: Craft frameworks for guiding your leadership according to biblical principles and divine wisdom.

  • Cultivate a vibrant community of fellow consecrated leaders: Forge connections and find support within a thriving network of committed Christians.

By The End of This Challenge, You'll

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Ready to step into your full leadership potential?

Enrol in the 5-Day Christian Leadership and Career Alignment Challenge today!

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