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Errol Lawson empowers individuals and organisations to reach their potential through engaging presentations, training, and coaching.

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Welcome to Errol Lawson's comprehensive suite of personal and professional development services, where you'll find tailored solutions to address your leadership, communication, and coaching needs.


Errol holds an MSc in Enterprise Management, Level 7 in Strategic Leadership, and is a certified Coach, Trainer, and Agile & Change Management Practitioner.

Discover Errol's transformative corporate training and coaching programmes, specially designed for individuals seeking to level up in their personal and professional lives. With vast experience across business, education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, Errol's proven track record makes him the perfect partner for achieving growth and success.


Seize the opportunity to work with Errol and elevate your leadership, communication, and personal development. Contact him now to discover how he can help you reach your goals.

Books by Errol Lawson

Through his powerful storytelling and practical insights, Errol will inspire and empower you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Click here to learn more and get your copies today!

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M Kalyan,

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Errol did a phenomenal job last week and it was a joy to work with him. It’s not an easy task to keep such a broad mix of frontline staff engaged but through powerful storytelling, Errol achieved this. There were some very useful takeaway messages and I can confidently say that ALL of our staff were left feeling inspired and empowered.

C Israel,

Grace Academy Darlaston

We have had such positive feedback from staff and pupils. Staff have said that it was the pick-me-up that the pupils needed as well as the staff themselves. It was great to see a level of engagement from pupils and how Errol adapted to meeting the needs of the different audiences.

Smallberry Green Primary School

Errol was simply fantastic. Without question, everybody really enjoyed the morning. Personally I have taken on board so much of the content and was pleased to share some of the information with my family, particularly my younger son. I have also placed an order for one of the books, ‘Art of being a brilliant teenager.’ Everybody enjoyed the session, Errol was fantastic and so inspiring. Thank you

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Errol was a great trainer and it was very easy to feel comfortable and at ease with him.  The team thoroughly enjoyed the session and everyone got something positive to take away from the afternoon.  Thank you so much!

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What is Errol Lawson's speaking style like?

Errol's speaking style is energetic, engaging, and thought-provoking. He uses personal anecdotes, interactive activities, and real-world examples to make his presentations both entertaining and impactful.

What topics does Errol Lawson cover in his presentations and training programs?

Errol has a wide range of experience and expertise, and can tailor his content to meet the specific needs of your audience. Some popular topics include leadership, communication, personal development, team building, and change management.

What industries has Errol Lawson worked with?

Errol has worked with a variety of industries, including business, education, healthcare, and non-profit. He has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing these sectors and can deliver relevant, actionable insights to any audience.

How can I book Errol Lawson for an event?

To book Errol Lawson for an event, please contact him through his website or send an email to [insert email address]. Be sure to include the date, location, and details of your event, as well as any specific topic or theme requests. Errol's team will respond promptly to discuss availability and pricing options.

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